Friday, December 21, 2007

Smiley and Bubba da' Steer

This is Smiley's steer .. Bubba. I took these pictures where she would have them to remember him by ... Of course being a steer, he is destined for the freezer. And while I am a realist and know that we have to have the meat for food, I am also the mommy. The mommy that loves my tender hearted little girl so very much.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Obedience and Giving

I do believe Dr. Turansky and Ms Miller have my home bugged. Literally bugged ... because this is a topic that is REALLY bugging me at my home.

Parenting Tip

December 20, 2007

Obey First and Then We'll Talk About It

When parents give an instruction but children don't want to comply or it's not convenient for them, sometimes they need to learn to "obey first and then we'll talk about it." This emphasizes obedience.

If little Brian has pulled a chair over to the counter and is climbing onto it, you may say, "Brian, we don't climb on chairs."

"But I was just…"

"No, you need to get down. Obey first and then we'll talk about it." Once he gets down, discuss the problem and find a solution together.

"Karl, go get your pajamas on."

"I don't want to go to bed."

"No, obey first and then we'll talk about it."

This is a serious issue at our home, that needs to be rectified like TODAY. Now, don't get me wrong, my children are not like this when they are out in public or with family – they are perfectly obedient, kind, and giving children. It is when they are at home that things get ugly! So, ugly that I have spent DAYS in tears, my ulcers are KILLING me. I spent the day in the bed. And I hold this all in

Right now as the mom to my precious horde of children, that I LOVE dearly, I am very disillusioned. Roo and I sacrifice just nearly EVERYTHING for them ... and they are turning into the most self absorbed humans I know. And sadly, I do not know what to do for them ...

So, first, Roo and I have come to the agreement that we are not sacrificing for them. This year instead of gifts under the tree from us, they are getting from others. Roo's thought of giving them a gift card to buy Christmas with didn't go well ... they spent $200 of themselves. ((SIGH)) My children do not have an inkling of the concept of "GIVING". All they know is "GETTING"!! And I am heartbroken. I have failed them somewhere along the way, obviously.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Smiley's Fall Bouquet

Besides blogging each day, and crocheting each day, and working on my school lessons each day, and keeping up with Roo's lessons each day, and keeping up with the kids lessons each day, I am going to desperately try to keep up with another project each day. I am going to commit myself to working on a layout a day. Posting both here and at Gotta Pixel. I LOVE that site!! I swear they have the best deals on digital scrapping kits!! And their designers are simply the best!!

Yes, I am insane ... but I really want to do this for next Christmas. Photobucket has an AWESOME deal on binding your pictures into a book. So, I am going to strive to do a layout a day, upload them here, at Gotta Pixel, and at Photobucket. Then, when December rolls around next year, all I have to do is click and TA-DA ... Christmas is DONE DONE DONE!!

I love this set of pictures of Sarah. She loves cut flowers, and flower arranging so much. I have promised her a flower garden when we build the barn. I am seriously thinking that on one end of the house or possibly on one side of the house we need to have a sunroom/garden room type situation. I know she would love that just as much as I would - not to mention Roo would love it too. He is a bit of a flower hound just as I am. That man can grow the most GORGEOUS roses I have EVER seen. Not to mention leaving cut blossoms on my pillow ... hehehehe, he is a romantic at heart!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Moment for ‘Baby Grace’

As a mother that has the distinct pleasure (NOT) of dealing with the death of a precious baby, that was wanted – so loved, by one and all – so missed, nearly 6 years later by one and all. I sat reading this article at MSNBC 'Baby Grace' I started shaking and was so sick to my stomach; I thought I was going to lose my breakfast. HOW, could any woman that has given birth to a precious child hurt them? I have yelled at mine and felt like the wicked witch of the west and lets don't even go down the road of how I feel when I HAVE to punish one of them. It goes beyond my capacity to reason. Why in the name of all that is pure and good would you bring a child into this world, and then tag team beat to death, drown, and throw a precious 2 year old baby girl?? That makes zero sense to me. Of course this brings me to why I blogged this today instead of yesterday ... yesterday, I would have told you all that I believe that they need to be tortured to death. Oh, wait ... my feelings haven't changed. My bad, friends, I haven't moved past that precious little blonde framed face ... it may take me a few more moments to forgive this mother for being ... gosh ... words fail me ... what do you call her? It cannot be "mother", because other than the fact that she bore the child, she obviously doesn't have a maternal instinct one in her body. It cannot be animal, because even animals only eat the young that will not survive and at that the mother does take pity on the poor critter and does not torture it. I don't see where this woman had an ounce of pity for her child. And sitting here looking at the picture of this precious baby – looks to me she was surviving just fine. So, maybe MONSTER is fitting ...

Moving on ... before I start to scream ...

I started a note here ... and it grew and grew ... all about the woman that was sterilized because children pollute the earth ... and then as my rant went on and on ... I realized that I was giving her the "fame" that she was seeking ... so instead ... I am going to insert a picture right here of my precious crew ... and say this ... IF having children is selfish ... then I will GLADLY be selfish!! All nine of our children are quite worth that label!!

There they are ... the snowman crew ... LOL, Miss Smiley has her nose in a twist, and the Georgia Peach Baby Girl ... WHO KNOWS what she was doing at that moment...

Pretty cool snowman if I do say so myself... yes sir, he surely is.

Well, it is that time ... time for me to close and move on to the laundry list of chores I have this morning. I've already done my kitchen blessing this morning, I've blogged my little rant or rave or tirade or whatever you want to call it, and now it is time to get children busy with lessons and momma busy with lessons ... it's 7am and daylight is burning ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Furry Classmates

Today's post from Alpha Omega gave me pause; it was like someone had read my mind.
"A righteous man regards the life of his animal." (Proverbs 12:10a) I know that my precious animals are well loved and cared for, by all - our children and me and the dear Rooster. We ensure that they receive the best quality of foods, supplements, shots, shelter, etc. BUT what about the daily grooming, exercise and just cuddles that they miss out on when it is cold, wet, and relentless outside? I will be perfectly honest ... I avoid the animals when it is cold. Yes, they are fed and watered twice a day. But, they don't get momma love, like I know they need. I know once the barn is finished, that there will be some things handled differently, but until that time – I need to do better for my precious animals. Miss Smiley went out and brushed Bubba da' Steer last week, her heart is very heavy. I know she loves her Maine-Anjou baby so much, but he unfortunately is scheduled for the table in 2008. Wolf and Lanky Big Bubba were helping me take the dogs ... the GIRLS for a walk every day, but there again, since that north wind has hit they have been as lax as their momma!

This weekend it happened to snow under the mesquites ... so much so that my precious little kidlets coaxed me ... the queen of the indoors out into the snowy world to build a snowman!! Yes, ladies and gentleman ... you heard it here first. I helped my children build a SNOWMAN! And I must admit, he was a quite handsome critter. And of course our precious Harley had a fit the entire time we were building Mr. Frosty. I know my precious furry buddy gets plenty of exercise, but I know he misses me so much when it is cold. Not very often will you find me out meandering around in the cold, I could whine and say it is because my joints hurt, but honestly it is because I just do not like to be out in the cold. Joints hurting aside ... I no likey the cold. I know he is frustrated with me cold, hurting joints and all ... the last two nights he has jumped up to the living room window, peering in, barking and whining at me. I told the children last night, before next winter ALL of the dogs will be house broke, kennel broke, and will live indoors next year. This is INSANE, I can't stand it. The only reason that I don't let them in now, is that Harley and Angel need a bath and neither of them are good bathers ... that is a CIRCUS!! Picture Tom Hanks in Turner and Hooch – Tom Hanks was outside with the pool brush scrubbing the dog. Now, picture me with three BC's on leashes, with shampoo, water sprayer, scrubbing two long haired and one short haired fur babies, while they try to eat the shampoo, the spray of water and give me kisses at the same time. Yeah, Tom Hanks had it easy with Hooch. Where is that pool brush!!!!

Mr. Rooster and I went to register for school yesterday, I am taking the dreaded evil math class this semester ... and he is finishing up the very tippy last bits of his gen. ed. requirements for his Bachelor's degree at TAMU! I am not mentioning what a stink I started yesterday while I was at the school either ... that one is just going to have sit and stew with you all for a bit. Just know this, IF you treat my precious Rooster unfairly, I do get my dander up a bit, and I will find away to FIX what YOU have done to him. BUWHAHAHAHAHA! I mentioned to him last night, while we were snuggling in the dark, "Have you realized that you are going to 'do it' yet?" And my precious Rooster, still obviously in awe of the fact that he has a brain rattling around up there between his ears, said he still did not believe that it was going to happen – yes dear readers he is 17 hours away from a Bachelor's degree at TAMU and he still doesn't believe. The man is down to one light semester at OC, and one regular semester at A&M and he is DONE!! ((Oh, and can I just take a moment, bowing my head for a moment of silence for all of my dear readers that are T-sippers ... I am sooo sorry that you got Gigged this weekend!! NOT!!! AND I am quite happy to see Coach Fran go bye-bye!! I do believe the Code of Honor should be upheld not only by the students, but by the staff and faculty as well!!)) Okay ... so maybe it still seems to be a "fairy-tale" to him, but I am here to tell you one and all, my precious Rooster is getting not only that Bachelor's degree, but he is prepping for the move right into the Master's degree. Maybe it will soak in when he walks across the stage ... the money is already being squirreled away - dollars, nickels, and dimes - for that graduation ring. Some small symbol, so that he never forgets what a wonderful thing he has done not only for himself, but for his entire family.

Well, I best be moving along this morning ... it is 6:35 am here under the mesquites. I have a laundry list of things to get done this week.

  • Finish typing Rooster's essay questions – due Saturday
  • Finish typing Rooster's discussion questions – due Tomorrow
  • Proof his proposal for him – due next week.
  • Take my history test – due Friday
  • STUDY for my Anatomy final – SCREAM of HORROR!!
  • Finish crocheting a knick knack for my Secret Santa person and for another friend
  • Work on my baby afghan – sigh ... I so wanted that finished by now ... it is SOOO pretty and sooo soft!! Little baby is here, and I feel bad that I haven't gotten it to his momma yet.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Yes, my dear friends .. this is Thanksgiving at the Sandy Hills ... hehehe!! I couldn't believe it. This happened about seven years ago, the snow was so high that Roo couldn't drive to work. The snow was ABOVE the bumper on our 1/2 ton truck.
Of course the little SandyHills Childrens HAD to go build a snowman. And of course living deep in the heart of oil country, we had to have a Schlumberger Snow Dude.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I COULD NOT resist this little video ... it is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Little Girl and the 23rd Psalm

I was over at Rocks In My Dryer, trying desperately to catch up on some of my favorite blog reading. School did me in this semester when it came to ME time. I absolutely abhor SUMMER semesters ... to short, fast and UGLY for this girl. I like to be able to take my time and ENJOY my class. I think that is the problem, I am not allowed the time to ENJOY the semester.

This semester I am going to try to slow down a bit ... I have several projects I want to complete for Christmas presents. My sweet sister has been begging me for a special afghan for YEARS ... now to just find the pattern!!! **SIGH** I had it at one time, that is how she saw it to begin with, and now, I have lost it!!! I found a GORGEOUS filet Peacock for my grandmother. She has this beautiful blue theme going in her room .. she loves blues, birds, flowers ... so this Peacock is going to be PERFECT for her. I have some WONDERFUL friends that I would like to make some special things for ... and I have a Secret Santa with some wondermus Crochet Girls!! That one is going to be SUPER neat - whatever we do has to fit into a Christmas card envelope!! Too Cool!!
This is my very FIRST filet project and my very FIRST thread project!! I'm pretty proud of myself!! I have always been afraid of thread, and then my Dutch Country friend talked me into TRYING it ... makes a big difference when you use a GOOD thread!!

Well, I best skeedaddle for today .... it is just 89 degrees here in the house ... and need to figure out what we are going to do for din din!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What exactly is a burden?

Lately in my life, the question of what is actually a burden keeps popping up. My precious grandparents that raised me think they are a burden. Why?? Because they may need someone to be there for them the way they have been there for me all of my life. My husband thinks buying his school books are a burden. Hmm, husband going to school - going to need school books - I seem to think I knew that!! My son that broke his great toe on his left foot thinks it is a burden to care for him. Doesn't he realize that I signed up for the long haul, 11 years ago when he was conceived??? AND when I found out that I was carrying another "Hard-way" Jordan … well, I just knew I was in for stitches and broken bones. There are some cycles in families that well, just aren't meant to be broken.

Psalm 55:22 says, "Cast your burden on the Lord, And he shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved."

I have no burdens wait, correction I TRY to have no burdens...I work at letting the Lord carry my burdens. I am practicing more and more every day to pass my worries and burdens on to Him. He will carry them on his shoulders instead of me trying to carry them on mine. It doesn't do me one bit of good to sit here and worry about WHEN the mega corp. is going to transfer my precious Rooster. I'll be old and gray before they make a move ... oh wait, I am old and gray. **SIGH** Talk about having a dowagers hump, WOW!! If I were to try to carry all of this nonsense and hubbub around on my shoulders, I wouldn't just have a dowager's hump; I would look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Some people have obviously NOT raised a G. Wolfie ... hehehe ... not mention the rest of the Wild Bunches escapades. But seriously ... what was that song, don' t worry, be happy ... where is my fruit juice and paper umbrella ... no, wait ... they have a hurricane in the Caribbean right now ... guess I better just continue to hang out here under the mesquite trees **GIGGLE** in W. Texas sipping some lemonade.

I have a lot of questions .. mostly Why's? some Why not's? But I figure those can wait until the time that I am sitting at my Lord's feet ... then, he can fill my little heart with all the answers I truly needed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well, it is official ... we have our first compound fracture ... and yes, it looks as bad as what the picture makes you THINK it looks like.

You see ... as most of my dear, dear friends know ... we live in West Texas ... with CACTUS, RATTLESNAKES, ROCKS, THORNS ... etc. etc. etc. So mean Mommy instituted the rule ... SHOES ON, when you are outside. Well, Nathaniel went to feed his animals last night, and dropped the 8lb barrel lid on his great toe of his left foot.

Bad enough that he BLEW his toe nail right off .. but he also broke his toe, which in turn ripped through the skin. We took him to the Emergency Room ... of course it WAS after 5pm **SIGH** so we had to go to MCH!! We sat there for SEVEN hours ... soaking gauze wraps and pads for hours. Nathaniel bled so much he painted the floor (yes, they made him WALK to the room - "oh, really now ... he isn't hurt THAT bad is he!!") and the bed, and the walls with his blood. YACK!! I would have hated to be the poor housekeeping person to clean that room ... especially after the PA finished setting his toe, and sewing him back up. Since the bone ripped through the skin, he is going to have to go see an Orthopedic Surgeon next Thursday - the 23rd. We have to make sure he does not get an infection in his bone marrow. They also have to check to see if he broke the growth plate in his toe - poor baby may have a stubby toe!! He has nine stitches - three in his nail bed, two on the side of his toe, and FOUR to hold the toe nail on keeping the nail fold in place and protecting the nail bed.

He is taking it all pretty well ... when my precious Rooster went to town to get his pain meds and his antibiotic, he picked him up some paints and a book to draw in. Of course that made him HERO Number 1 all over again for his son. I think today ... we will move him to the living room and let him sleep in here. Last night was not a pretty night at all ... but we survived ... well, with what little sleep we got ... we are surviving! We didn't get home until AFTER 2:30 am ... ugh!!

Until I blog again ... jess

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mountains Outta Molehills

Do you?... Do you make mountains out of molehills? I just finished reading the AOP Newsletter - Daily Focus and it gave me a good WHALLOP up side the head. One of those times, where you go, "YES FATHER, I am listening ... I am applying it to ME ... no one else!"

"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?" (Jeremiah 32:27)

There is nothing in my life that is too hard for God to handle. But yet I find myself - struggling, hanging on to hurts, fighting anger and rage, withdrawing into my own world - as if I am the only person that has ever had to deal with my particular situation. ((SIGH)) Forgetting to be just thankful that I have the "problems" to deal with daily that I have ... instead of five little sticky pairs of hands to clean up after, I could have none.

Maybe it is more than just making mountains out of molehills, maybe it is also seeing the glass half full, instead of half empty. A negative spin always seems to make that molehill look more like Mt. Kilaminjaro, instead of the little handful of sand that it actually is.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Remember when you were a little kid, and the first day of school came ... you were so excited!!! Oh, and how about all of us homeschool moms ... the minute we crack open that new curriculum, we breath in that "new" school year smell - better than new car smell.

My first day of college - in 8 years - was yesterday. Funny, I didn't get that childhood rush, or that palpitation from the new book smell - even at $300 - those books just didn't do it for me.

Why you ask???

FEAR ... FEAR that I couldn't do it. FEAR that I can't keep up. FEAR that I am too old (oh, yes hubby would SO smack me for that one). But still they are my fears and all very real!!

So, here it begins ... my journey back to college.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Attention Computer Friends

If you ever find yourself networking computers, especially ones that run Vista and XP, together along with printers and routers and other such non-sense ... do yourself a BIG favor, do a search and find Network Magic. Download it, and install it on your computers. SOOO much easier!!!

After tearfully trying to re-install, re-configure, and all the other gymnastics that I tried to perform getting the computers to come together ... I downloaded Network Magic, and in about 2 minutes I had everything connected!! I went and took a shower ... it was too much for me!! ROFL!!!

So now I have happy children on computers doing lessons ... and mom ... not stressing out!!!

Now if I could just learn to look for the grace of doing these types of things where I don't stress out and then look for the answers. Why is it I won't let Rooster put anything together until I read the directions, but yet I tried to do this yesterday without research!! DUH DUH DUH me!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All the Curriculum in It's Place

Well, I went to bed last night thinking, and praying about this disorganization. I joined a new group yesterday. It is based on the workbook by Cynthia Hancox. It is called Goodbye Chaos, Hello Peace. I already like the sound of it. Her demeanor has given me such a feeling of peace and tranquility!! I have barely started reading my first few pages, and I have a can do spirit. It is still hard to believe the work she has poured into this first unit and isn't charging a dime for it.

And not only has this given me the spirit to organize my home and get it under control, but it has shown me where I need to seriously dedicate my efforts to my other endeavors.

I train Border Collies to herd. Shamefully, since our two pups died, I have not worked with my best friend not one time. And I know he is SO FRUSTRATED!! Yes, he loves to come in the house and be with me, but he also needs to be outside, running, jumping, herding, fetching, and doing the Border Collie Hustle!! Right now he is curled up around my feet as I sit here blogging. His love for me is so evident ... so, I ask myself "what have you done for him lately?"

I am trying to lose about 45 - 50 pounds. It is so hard to not get discouraged. I was down 10 pounds last week, but this week since I have increased my work out I have gained 5 pounds back. I am riding my bike 8 miles a day (at 20 mph), and am doing abdominal workouts with the new Bender Ball. Today, I could barely bend over my abdominal muscles hurt so bad. I have had to stop and stretch several times today. BUT, I can tell a difference in my waist line already, under my ribs there is an indention instead of another lovely jiggly roll. ((SIGH)) Glad my hubby loves me!! Otherwise these love handles would be soooo depressing!! BUT, there again I am not going to allow those five pounds to deter me from my task at hand. I am going to work out everyday whether I lose ONE POUND or ONE OUNCE. THAT's it ... no getting out of it!!

Now for today mission of "In It's Place", all of the curriculum that I have been so carefully sorting by subject, publisher, method, etc. has finally been laid to rest in the filing cabinet. My shelves have been sorted also, so that our school books have a shelf instead of being moved from spot in the floor, to spot on the table, to spot on the chair, to ... well, you get the idea. And I found a place for all of our reference materials that we use frequently in our classes. There was also room for each one of the children's notebooks that are used daily. So, there notebooks have a home now too. I have two more tables that need to be cleaned off, but I am taking them one day at a time, one step at a time. BIG plus to all of this, I separated out our financials from the curriculum when I finally was able to get all the curriculum filed away in the new filing cabinet. Plus all of the boxes that Roo has so graciously hauled home from the office have given me a place to neatly store our notebooks until more shelves are built, the children's drawings & loose papers, and other misc. filing that we don't have drawer space for right now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Organization - A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything ... hmmmm ... Okay so everything needs to have a home of it's own.

Let's me think ... let's start in the kitchen because it is probably the most organized.

What needs a home:
bags of pasta that slide off of the shelves
bread that gets lost on top of the deep freeze
sack of pecans
cooking utensils
cleaning supplies under the sink
cleaning tools
gallon jugs when not filled with tea and fruit drinks
medicines on top of the refrigerator

see thru containers for pasta set them on the pantry shelves
checked the sack of pecans and chunked them
cleaning tools need a rack on the South wall
cleaning supplies under the sink in a tote bucket with handle, gallon jugs in larger tote
install shelf in big cabinet on north wall for gallon jugs on top and sodas, unopened juices and coffee on bottom
meds on top of refrigerator need their own tote/first aid station
bread needs a bread box/extra loves go into the freezer
rearrange freezers - upright deep freeze: meats, chest deep freeze: veggies, refrigerator freezer: bread & ice
shelves on north wall that are deep enough to sit my crock pots on, along with my mixing bowls, measuring cups, and maybe my pretty baking dishes that belonged to my mother

This is more entailed than I believed ... so I will work on another room tomorrow. If I am going to do this ... I need to follow Colossians 3:23 - And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, nowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward fo the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ. I need to work for my family as though I am working for God. If my work is done in honor of Christ, maybe organizing my house will bring an eternal reward. Ah, to dream of a home in heaven that is self cleaning ... tee hee!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Organization of the Disorganized

Disorganization ... THAT is what my mother should have named me. It would have been much easier, much more REALISTIC instead of naming her little girl Jessica Jean ...


Oh, well, here goes! As I quipped this morning on a homeschooling list that I belong to, "I really need to lapbook Flylady and my routines!" Well, honestly, instead of a lapbook, I need a poster. I have seen a calendar at Office Depot that was a Post-It Note on a pretty colorful calendar. LOL, I need something where I can SEE what I need to do, physically check it off, and NOT have to make this list again or have it stuffed away in a notebook somewhere. That notebook while VERY useful for keeping track of all seven of us at home, is a problem when it comes to cleaning house. WHY??? I don't know ... please don't ask me, I've asked myself this question over and over ad nauseum!!

THEN, I get an article in the e-mail from Maria Gracia. The 7 Habits of VERY Organized People the VERY was my emphasis ... it is the way the article made me feel. This is it ... these are the very organized, they can do it ... you can't. And as I look around at my piles, I see that I can't. So, here goes ... starting in the morning (since today is GONE). I am going to tackle ONE habit a day. And as each day progresses I will add a habit. Now, I am not saying that I am going to adopt this habit immediately, but with each passing day I am going to blog my game plan as to how to implement these HABITS in my life. I figure one a day and I'll have a plan by next week. ROFL ... I may be stretching it ... but hey MIRACLES have been known to happen.

So, now as to why my blog is SO LACKING ... I clicked the feature to EMAIL my blog in and guess what ... I am the dufus that put the wrong address in the box. So there ... I am the goob, the dufus, the gizmo ... it has been written on the internet. Confessions of a disorganized woman!

Happy Mother's Day & Happy Anniversary

Not only is today Mother's Day, but it is also my grandparent's 62nd Anniversary.

... My Rooster called me from work about 5:30 am asking if I needed anything, I sleepily told him that all I needed was some ice ... I don't think I was interested in talking and I am usually not like that. ((Giggles)) I had a very short, very mule-like bed partner that couldn't get comfy. So, I didn't sleep really well. Back to sleep I quickly went after hanging up with Rooster. Then, around 7:30 am my neighbor called to check on my kiddoes, since they have all been sick. Okay, two hours more nappy for mommy made her a bit more responsive to the outside world. So, I chatted with my neighbor while I made a pot of coffee. By this time I have little children creeping out of their beddy-byes.

G. Wolfie is still in bed however. This virus has hit him the worst this time. I don't know ... poor little guy, he is just BLAH!! I just hate when they get sick!! Well, of course Miss Hollywood-Georgia Peach-Baby Girl is still in bed too ... she is so cute in her new shades that I purchased for her yesterday on girl's day in town. The girls and I went to town all by ourselves, pretty scary for three girls that usually have an escort of at least three, usually four farm boys. ((WINK)) They are definitely the protectors of the milk maidens of the Rocker A Bar J. I went to get my nails done, and pick up my reader glasses (blind old bat that I am). Oh, I stayed a little longer and had a pedicure, too. Then, I took the girls over to the jewelry section of Wal-mart and let them pick out some play jewelry. Sarah found them each a butterfly necklace in each of their favorite colors. And I found them a pair of necklaces that had Big Sis on one and Lil Sis on the other one. I so want them to be close!! No rivalries, minimal fights ... I want them to have NOW what Auntie TC and I had to wait many, many years to achieve.

Now, this is CUTE!!! I learned a new little tidbit that I didn't know about my grandparents!! My great-grandfather Bennett bought a cafe when my grandmother (Maw Maw) was a young girl (gasp) ... about 14 years old from what I was understanding maybe younger. She worked for him in the cafe. My grandfather at the ripe old age of 15 to 16 had already dropped out of school. Bless his heart, he had to do something to help support himself, my Great-Granny Wilkerson and his baby brother since his father had passed about 10 years earlier. He would stop in the cafe to flirt with my grandmother and ask her out on Saturday nights. They had met a few years earlier when my grandfather was in the 6th or 7th grade and of course my grandmother was a couple of years behind him, there is about two years difference in their age. They were married a couple of years later in 1945. Sixty-two years ... and they are so awesome still!!

I think it would be so wonderful to be married to my Rooster for that long. Will we make it ... hmmm, probably not because my dear Rooster would be 104 and I would be 89. That's okay ... if he doesn't make 104 and I make 89 ... I'll still have been married to him for 62 years in my heart!! I love him so much and whether or not I show it enough ... I appreciate him from the very bottom of my red painted toes!! The blessing of being privy to such an outstanding sacrifice it takes to make a marriage work and the blessing of being married to a man that WANTS to give his all to make our marriage work ... humbles me and fills me with such love!! I can't wait until he gets home in the morning where I can throw my arms around his neck!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Day in the Life of Little Hands

"Just one day, just one day ... of no messes" that is all that I asked as I SCREAMED at 5 of my precious little gifts from God.

Not a great precursor to Mother’s Day tomorrow now is it? ((sigh))

Well, I know better, really I do … but sometimes at the end of the day … just ONE more mess is too many for me to handle. And a bucket of spilled rotten paint was too much for me to handle. We have had three buckets sitting in our house for about 5 years now … one had red, one had white, and one had a creamy yellow. Well, precious little gift number 9, Sir Hiss-a-lot, tipped over the white paint in the bathroom floor amidst the last pile of dirty clothes, wet towels from their showers and their shoes all because he wanted to play monkey in the zoo to show off for his brother. ((BANGING HEAD ON DESK))

So after I mopped up about 2.5 gallons of white paint that STUNK to the high Heaven and the deepest pits of Hades and listening to Big Lanky Bubba fuss about how bad it stunk, I went to sit quietly in my chair as my babies slunk off to bed. Not a great end to an evening that should have been joyous. I blew it … do you see a common theme running here … Momma blows it quite often. I have no excuse … I have very little patience at times and I just let loose. I don’t think before I scream bloody murder. No wonder my babies didn’t care if they got a good-night kiss or not … who would want a good-night kiss from a grouch like me!! Well, once I made it my chair I picked up a book that my precious baby sister had loaned me and started to read. There is where God comes into the picture … he picked that book right up and proceeded to beat me about the head for being such an evil wretch to my children. I was reading Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul. So, I had been in the habit of just opening the book and reading whatever. As blessings would have it … here is where I opened to …

Little Hands by Judith Peitsch

Thank you Lord for dirty hands
That touch my stove and fridge;
For sticky little fingers that
Try to build a bridge.

For careless hands that go astray
In search of something new;
For hands to hold and show the way
As mothers often do.

For precious little hands in which
Great faith so abounds;
For silly little hands that reach
To touch a mother’s frown.

And thank you for your guiding hand
That leads me to the light;
That lifts me when I stumble
And points me to the right.

As little hands reach out to me
To show them what to do,
I’m steadied, reassured, and loved
As I reach up to you.

OH, Lord how you remind me in oh so subtle ways of what I should be thankful for … so no matter what messes I have to clean up, I will be thankful today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows that follow that I have little messes (or big messes) that my precious gift’s little hands make. Just another instance to motivate me into being a better mother ...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Rants of a Selfish Wife

Call to order! or whatever we need to do to get this meeting started!!

My precious Roo has to go back to work today! I hate that ... almost as much as I hated him having to go back after his vacation last week. Selfish ... you better believe it!! I am extremely selfish when it comes to my love. I don't want to share him with ANYONE!!

Now that I have that little rant and rave off my chest ... I have another for you!!

Last week, we were at the office. One of the ladies that works in the office popped off a comment about my lovie being a PITA. Oh that flew all over me!! I think one of the kids could have thrown a five gallon bucket of liquid pig poo all over me, and it wouldn't have upset me near as much as that did.

Call me old fashioned, but that female doesn't know my hubby nearly well enough to tell me he is a PITA!! IF anyone in this world gets to refer to his uhm, let's say demeanor - IT'S ME!! And I don't refer to him in that type of verbage. In my world, my hubbiness is about a breath away from being able to walk on water. This is the man that works somewhere between 94.5 to 108.5 hours in his seven day stretch - so I can stay at home, raise our children, homeschool, and sit here on my laptop blogging to my friends. Now, do I get a sharp pain in my seat ... every once in a while he surely puts a burr under my saddle, but that is for me to know ... I don't fight and tell. Besides I would be a liar if I said we NEVER get cross. We are two completely different individuals. So, of course we are going to NOT see eye to eye ... but I can tell you this, it isn't very often that we aren't tuned into one another. There may be 15 years difference in us, but there is usually only about 15 seconds difference in our thought process! I can't explain in words, even though I try, how much I love my husband. He is so precious to me.

And I, sure as the sun rises, do not tell anyone who will listen that my hubby is a pain!! That is just rude!!

Well, little boy is better, he is still rather puney though. That is hard for me to watch. I know how my G. Wolfie is - vibrant, active, and full speed ahead life!! I have been so tickled at him today. He and Roo have played musical chairs all day. He knows that it is time for his Poppie to go back to work. He is SO much like his mother in that respect. He abhors his Poppie leaving for work. They are watching tv together right now, "Growing Up Elephant" on Animal Planet. They would own a zoo if they could figure out how to get it done. G. Wolfie told his Poppie that he wants a barn where they can have an elephant ... I'm thinking barn for goats, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, and a horse or two ... he is thinking barn for a safari collection!!! Geesh!!

Okay, I am outta here for the day ... I need to go fix some hamburger meat and potatoes ... we are having tacos for dinner before love leaves!! Until the next time, much love and huggles!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mandatory HPV Shot Swirling in Flames

Oh, listen to the joyous singing coming from Austin !!


Texas has spoken quite loud and clear to Governor Perry of the Nanny Squad.

We do not want to be forced to give our daughters an experimental SHOT!!

Sorry, but I have to go hug my girls right now ... I am so tickled!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Three Little Pigs on the Road

Okay, so we didn't get up on time!!

But we did make it to Klempke's Sausage Haus to drop off the "little" oinkers.

We left home about the time the sun was coming up. Kids had no more gotten into the truck and they started hollering and howling that they were hungry ... geesh!! Of course, being the evil parents that we are ... we FED THEM Mc Donalds!! HOW DARE WE!! So, as Rooster Love filled up with gas, I took kidlets into the truckstop for a pit stop - yes, I know we JUST left the house 25 miles ago - drinks, sausage pancakes, and hashbrowns. None of which, except for my Diet Dr. Pepper and water were on my WW diet. Thankfully, I have been REALLY good so I was golden. Twelve pounds in nineteen days, I don't be thinking that is too shabby at all. So, anyway, we get food, drinks, fuel, and a pit stop. Oh, and I found my Aggie a huge Aggie mug. So, we finally got on the road while munching on our Mikey D's food. Our path took us from Midland, to Lamesa by way of Patricia, then a trip trop over to Tahoka, Wilson, and then Slaton. Being the ding dong that I am about little places like this I didn't have a clue where we were nor where we were going, nor how close to Lubbock we were actually going to be. DUH ... I could have planned a cool day in Lubbock for us. Oh, well, I'll have to do better next time.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A Tale of Three Little Piggies ...

Yes, family ... and friends that are interested ...

It has come time again to make the trip to the butcher shop!! I didn't think about it before we loaded the pigs up tonight - IN THE DARK BY THE WAY!!! but I should have taken pictures. One of the hogs that we loaded - I SWEAR to you I am NOT LYING - weighed about 500 lbs. I will post when they call me as to the weight. When, that hog stepped up into Mr. Joe's trailer, I just knew the back end of our pick-up was going to sink into the ground. That hog was longer than I am tall I bet!!

So, we finally got them loaded ... it took FOREVER!! Obviously no one had been loaded before and having had rain, the trailer was slippery, Roo was buried up to his gorgeous he-man calves in muck, mud, and goo. You know the kind of stuff that you step off in and it literally SUCKS your leg down into the murky, deep, dark! Then, he took a step and you could hear that sucking noise ... UGH!! I hate that feeling!!! Roo finally had to take the big gate and section off the feeder pen, where they would quit trying to go back to the back to lay down. Of course it was pitch dark by this time. So, we rounded them up in a chute type situation with the big gate to the back, a tall panel to one side, and a short panel to the other side leading into the gate of the trailer. BIG PIG tried to come over short fence once, but Mr. Joe had him under control pretty quick. Roo was still stuck in the mud, holding the big gate panel. And me ... I got to be the fearless, hide behind the trailer gate, gate closer!!

Okay, my Rooster is looking sweepy ... I'm off to beddy bye!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Unseen Playmate

The Unseen Playmate
by Robert Louis Stevenson
When children are playing alone on the green,
In comes the playmate that never was seen.
When children are happy and lonely and good,
The Friend of the Children comes out of the wood.
Nobody heard him and nobody saw,
His is a picture you never could draw,
But he's sure to be present, abroad or at home,
When children are happy and playing alone.
He lies in the laurels, he runs on the grass,
He sings when you tinkle the musical glass;
Whene'er you are happy and cannot tell why,
The Friend of the Children is sure to be by!
He loves to be little, he hates to be big,
'Tis he that inhabits the caves that you dig;
'Tis he when you play with your soldiers of tin
That sides with the Frenchmen and never can win.
'Tis he, when at night you go off to your bed,
Bids you go to your sleep and not trouble your head;
For wherever they're lying, in cupboard or shelf,
'Tis he will take care of your playthings himself!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grace of God ...

Grace ... as I understand it is "the undeserved gift of divine favor in the justification and then sanctification of sinners (from the Greek term charis)." God has given me many undeserved gifts, and has left how I use them or care for them up to me.

This morning, I blew it ... my dear Rooster (undeserved gift number 2 - my salvation being number 1) got up in a bit of a tizzy at 3:30 am because it was his first day back to work, after a long weekend off. I had not picked up from the laundry the starched jeans that he wanted, and I didn't have washed the particular shirts that he wanted to wear ... tough you say ... well, maybe, but more likely not. I know ... I can hear you all ... he's a grown man, he can take care of himself. But I tell you, I blew it ... because I did not anticipate my Rooster's needs. He takes care of me, he works UN-Godly hours - sometimes in excess of 90 hours, and not much less than 70 hour weeks, and affords me all the little niceties that this homeschooling mom of 5 thinks she needs ... to include this laptop that I am click, click, clicking on while I sit here all comfy in my chair. So, there we go ... me pouting - him fuming ... and then, I hear it ... the noise that sends chills up a mother's back. The sound of one of her babe's hurling their little guts all over the place ....

My precious G. Wolfie (undeserved gift #6), was leaning over the tub - the TOY tub that is ... hurling his guts all over every stuffed animal his precious sister, Baby Girl Peach (undeserved gift #8), loves to play with. **BIG SIGH** So, what do I do ... no ... I didn't handle that gift very well either ... instead comforting my hurling boy ... after I brusquely hurry him off to the bathroom to finish ... I growl unceremoniously at my husband about having to clean up that mess, too! So, needless to say ... by 4:30 am - I had very effectively wounded two very important people in my life.

The day did get better ... and I did apologize to both of them for being an evil wretched wench ... and both of them forgave me. One with hugs and kisses - and a promise that he preferred for me to spend his last day off with him instead of the washer or a trip to the laundry - and the other one came and gave me a big ole' kiss (yeah I'll probably be sick too - but hey, it is what I deserved after being so tacky to him - poor baby). So, as my day was getting better, and I was becoming human and less evil, I began to reflect on my morning ... and in turn that made me think of my precious gifts from God .... and that led to me thinking about the most precious gift of all from God ... my Salvation. Do I care for my Salvation the way that I cared for my other gifts from God??? ... WOW ... what an eye opener!! Most days I 'try' to care for my Salvation in the way that I know I should, but then there are the evil wretched wench days ... the days that I don't even LOOK at my Bible, pray - pray for what days, the days where I am so miserable that ... **PING** - light bulb moment ... the days that I shun God ... so that His grace can't shine down through my obviously lead umbrella. So, I thought about it ... what was the first thing I went to do yesterday morning ... ah, yes ... headed to the alter of the coffee pot ... instead of taking an extra second to lay there in my bed next to my awfully cuddly Rooster to talk to God about my day, I jumped up like my hair was on fire, ran to the coffee pot and started the day. Tsk, tsk, tsk ... needless to say, I am going to have to rethink my mornings ....

Now, don't get me wrong ... I do not worship my coffee ... coffee is just essential to make my body run.

My point is ... that "I" personally need to spend an extra few moments in my bed, in the quiet, talking with God before I rush out into the morning. And I need to remember this each and every day ...
"there but for the grace of God go I"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tiny T-rex Arms ...

Each morning I gather my little chicks together ... we sit together at the table or at various points in our living area ... me cuddling my coffee mug, my girls - Smiley and Baby Girl Peach sitting in the swivel chair ... the boys - the near twins - G. Wolfie and Sir Hiss-a-lot sitting on the recliner and Big Lanky Bubba leaning up against the wall or door (looking like he is waiting to BOLT!!) So, today Rooster-love came in just as we started our morning "staff" meeting. As I started down the list of chores that we needed to accomplish, I hear a growl. Trying to keep my composure, I continue talking to Big Lanky Bubba about the particular extras that need to be done because he uhm, well, glossed over them yesterday. **SIGH** Then, I move on to Smiley ... 'and when you are vacuuming the bedroom, Peach will be your pick-up buddy' **GROWL** -- I turn to see my precious little Peach slashing the air and growling, not at me mind you ... at Rooster, because he has his little t-rex arms up slashing and growling at her. Needless to say it took me forever to get through the morning staff meeting - between bouts of growls, and tiny t-rex arms -- which by the way is HILARIOUS on a 6 foot plus Texas sized cowboy!

So, now here it is 9:30 most of our chores are either done, or well under way. I have little happy faces sitting around me at the table as I blog ... eating their oatmeal and toast. Lanky Bubba has lost his bolt look - hehhehe ... the best thing for him ever morning is his first morning run out to the pens ... he doesn't get that look because he wants to run from me, it is pure - he loves his animals. G. Wolfie is swaying to the soft music playing on the radio, happily eating his second or third bowl of oatmeal ... you know you lose count after a bit. Peach has jelly smeared from ear to ear, and is laughing and eating with her brothers. Hisser is quietly eating his oatmeal, stirring, taking a bite, stirring, swirling ... bless his heart it takes him forever to eat a bowl of cereal. I have to keep after him though, there can be no skimping on his part. And Miss Smiley ... little momma, she makes sure that all her brothers and her sister has enough to eat. She is such a blessing to me ... she has oatmeal down cold. I think she is going to be a great cook. Her cream gravy isn't too shabby, either.

Well, enough from me today ... I need to get along with my work. I am working on a co-op lapbook Blackbeard and Pirates - units from Hands of a Child. We are reading American History about the colonies from "A First Book in American History", "Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans"and "American History Stories Volumes I & II". And I think I am going to have Lanky Bubba start working on the Multiplication Pizza Party Lapbook from Hands of a Child today too. He is doing so well changing over from addition/subtraction to multiplication/division. I love that boys mathematical mind ... it amazes me. Heheheh obviously this is from a woman that has to have a calculator, and software to balance her checkbook.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Being Thankful

You realize occasionally in life, that it is NEVER to late to start counting your blessings. There are days that life jumps up and does a spinning, flying back kick at your nose ... and hits it dead on. This weekend is one of those times. Our local country station, that we listen to frequently, is supporting the St. Jude's telethon.

First, let me say that listening is hard enough. Adding to that the fact that we have eight healthy, walking, talking children and one heavenly angel. Well, let's say that just pretty much pushes it over the top for this mom. And then, my beloved came home yesterday, fell into my arms and sobbed ... well, that was just too much for me. So, here I have sat with five of my bevy of busy bees buzz buzz buzzing around me today. In and out of my lap, under the dining table where I am working using my feet for ramps to jump their cars off and over. I have counted my blessings over and over this morning. And I still come back to the fact that I am so unworthy of these precious gifts from God. While my children are far from perfect, they CANNOT walk on water, but they are mine, and they are awesome sights to behold.

Shew ... too teary eyed ... LOL!!

Well, today is wash day for mom ... we have a system worked out, finally that looks to be working. Or at least it has for the last three weeks. Now, at any moment it could fall apart, but for now we are having less stress in the laundry department. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are boy wash days - three boys hence three boy wash days (Thank you God for five work days in a week! No arguments over who washes when!!) Then, we have the girls wash days on Tuesday and Thursday. As it works out, usually the girls wash on Tuesday and are done until next Tuesday unless they "want" something extra washed. Sarah strikes yet again ... she keeps their laundry washed! Now, Nathaniel and GW are a little slower about it, but they are figuring out a system ... it usually works out to Monday=dark, Wednesday=reds, and Friday=lights. I bleach whites on Saturday, and do mine and Rooster's laundry on Saturday or Sunday after church IF I am lazy on Saturday. Which today ... for some strange reason, I have washed, dried, hung, folded and put away 4 loads ... so nanner nannner nannnner I don't have laundry to do tomorrow!! YIPPEEEEEE!!! Now, I just have to wrangle those kids back in the house to fold their socks and unders. Today for the record is the first BEAUTIFUL day we have had in a bit ... it has been colder than I care for!! Obviously there are MANY reasons I live in warm West Texas ... and lack of cold is pretty close to the TOP!!!

until we chat again ...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day with my Family!!

oh, what a DAY!!! We left La Granja de Jordania around 7am ... that translates for those of you that don't know my crew ... of me rising at 5am ... poking the Rooster with one hand for about 15 to 20 minutes with a hot cup of coffee in the other hand, and then going to drag 5 sleepy children out of the bed where they can have their 'wake-up' showers ... well, let me back track on that. I drug three boys out of the bed where they could have their showers ... the girls ... well, Sarah bounces out of the bed and is dressed at about Mach 10 and Savannah the baby T-Rex she snuggles in her Poppie's spot until it is time to walk out the door. LOL, I LOVE brushing her hair in the truck ... that's FUN!! <>

So, anywho ... we have a day in town starting with our beloved Poppie getting his feathers trimmed. He looks so pretty once his barber is done. I love his silver hair! Then, we took the babies out for pancakes at I-Hop. Geesh is it me being cynical or has their quality of food gone down?? Oh, well, my children enjoyed it, I got breakfast out, and was able to sit and drink coffee with Poppie and had a good time. After breakfast he took us over to Cavendar's ... it was time to outfit some feet and Wrangler bottoms!! Oh, and Mommy found a too cute skirt too!!! Couldn't believe it ... finally found a LONG straight skirt - plain jane denim to boot!! So, we purchased everyone two pairs of Wranglers to cover growing legs - boy was that fun ... Nathaniel went up TWO sizes ... how in the world he was fitting into those jeans I will NEVER know!!! G.W. is going to be a cowboy heart breaker when he grows up, Rooster put a chocolate Stetson on him and I nearly fell over. Too GORGEOUS for words! LOL, I wish I had my camera with me for this outing. Of, course my little bonnie lasses did not look shabby in the red felt Stetson that he put on them either. Now, Poppie thinks they need horses ... hehehe ... he is such a sucker for these GIRLS!!! Shhhh ... don't tell anybody but I am a sucker for my boys too!!! I wonder how those kids have kept from being totally spoilt stinking rotten!!!! LOL, we left Cavendar's for a sashay through Wood's to pick up Poppie Rooster a new pair of steel-toes to wear at the office and happened up on him a quite gorgeous camel and black denim shirt. I'll have to have pictures of that one!! Next we dashed into Dillard's ... Poppie bought me a new flavor of perfume for Valentine's Day ... Valentino's Rock n Rose .. it smells SOOOO GOOD!!! I knew I was needing a new flavor ... my Obsession was turning rather stinky on me!! YUCK ... but now according to GW and Rooster ... I smell good again!! LOL, all is right in our world again ...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My girls never fail ...

to remind me of how I need to be! Sarah especially reminds me frequently of things I either need to be VERY proud of, or of things I need to mind my peas and ques over because she is watching me. She is watching me closely. I am an early riser, it just makes my day run smooth if I am rolling out of bed long before ole' Mr. Sol. And about the time I am sipping my first hot mug of coffee, here comes Miss Sarah, padding quietly through the house find me. Some mornings she sips a cup of tea, and some mornings she has a cup of coffee with me.

She is becoming more disciplined and organized everyday. Thankfully this is an area that she sees me take hold of the bull by the horns so to speak and handle the task at hand. She wakes up, has her tea or coffee, dresses to feed her pups, then comes in and exercises to her ballet video, showers and is at the table read for lessons - and I best not be late!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Chocolate Milk

I love chocolate milk ... I love everything about it ... UNLESS it somehow ends up in my keyboard, on my mouse, mouse pad, desk top, pens, well, okay let's just say on EVERYTHING within a 3 foot radius of my desk is just coated in the sticky residual effects of chocolate milk. And to top it all off, I have a three year old standing the other side of the dining table sucking her thumb, asking me through the slats of the chair back "your 'puter okay Momma ?? I can do Polie Bear lessons?" Now, I ask you ... how in the world can you be mad at that. I can't ... See she knew she was doing a no no ... She knows she isn't supposed to be on Momma's desk with chocolate milk. But the picture on Momma's computer was just toooooo enticing for her to stand. My fault, no ... but I have to cut her a bit of slack. I tempted her sorely with my pictures.

Well, I have a sticky enter key, but other than that everything seems to be drying to a super sticky state quite nicely. Chocolate milk is back at the table, and I still have my pictures scrolling by. And the funny thing is ... it was a picture of herself that was flashing by on my screensaver.

She is so funny ... I love the awe and amazement that fills her sweet face when she sees herself in pictures.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Carefree and Breathing in God ...

I thought about posting pictures of the kids today ... I hate studio pictures, they looks so posed and fake to me. I guess it is because no one has ever "caught" the spirit of my children on film in a studio setting yet. So, for Momma's Day last year, I gathered up my little sweetly dressed chicklets and took them out to the University of Texas - Permian Basin duck pond. I just let them go ... wander around ... be kids, carefree and breathing in the beauty of God's creation. But the best part of all of this is before I started, I took a moment and asked God to be with us, to be with me as I took pictures of my children, to help me not to stress over "perfect" shots. And it happened ... I took some of the best shots of my children I have ever taken ... a few they "posed" for but for the most part ... I just snapped them off as they came ...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Polar Habitats ... in West Texas ???

I don't know what it is about the cold this year ... but I am definitely not enjoying the winter this year. We have had a little snow, a good deal of ice, and a good deal of rain ... which I am extremely thankful for!! But I have not enjoyed the temperatures in the teens!! My ole' bones just do not handle it well, I guess. That and the fact that I do not appreciate not having electricity and phone due to ice and raid ... utterly ridiculous!!

Oh well, enough grousing 'eh ...

But we did get quite a bit of school work done. Thankfully, I had printed out most of my Polar Habitat unit activities where I could slowly get them cut out over time. I even enlisted the help of my dear Rooster ... that man can cut out fast!! He uses his utility knife like a chef carving up a turkey!! I couldn't believe how quickly he cut those little pictures up for us.

So, I had done, certain things for Miss Savannah and Mr. Jon ... on a preschool level. BUT, WOW, did I get into BIG trouble with them. I had to rework part of their lessons, where they "looked" like the big guys!!! LOL, it was definitely a challenge at last minute, but their joy at being like the big guys, was absolutely rewarding to the nth degree!! Ya'll don't ever forget that - ya' hear ... the littlies really need to have things that look like the more advanced levels. Thankfully, most of the activities had been "preschooled" during the co-op but those that had not got overhauled by me!! Being a Super Member at Hands of a Child has already paid off. I will definitely be renewing my membership with them!! Kudos girls for a great job!!!

We had a slight moral malfunction at our house, Mom hates to be lied to!! So, ole' Mr. TV has been very SILENT this week. The only time it has been on has been for a educational video to go along with our unit. We watched March of the Penguins, The Polar Bear King, and Eight Below. I absolutely ADORE all three of those movies, so it was definitely not a hardship to enjoy those movies along with the children. But, one thing I did realize, Miss Savannah has been watching way to much tv!! I am going to have to watch when my Rooster is on nights, he sleeps with the tv on during the day so the changes in house noise doesn't disturb his sleep. LOL, poor guy can sleep through Hurricane Children, but the moment it gets quiet in the house he wakes up!! Go figure!!

Well, I think that I shall sign off for now ... ya'll have a wonderful Saturday!! I'm off to wash a load of laundry!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just in case ...

you didn't know ... computers don't work real well, when there is no electricity. We have had one wild and woolly week! Sometimes, we have electricity, sometimes we have blinky lights, sometimes we have no lights ... ROFL ... and then part of the week I generated enough heat to create my own electricity I think. Not to mention run up a bill for my poor husband to have to worry about paying with a 3 hour trip to the E.R. Talk about feeling like a gizmo ...

Oh, well, here we are ... back on track hopefully if the weather will hold and I stay well.

Due to the inclement weather, of both the outside world and the inside of me, we did about ZIP in school this week. So, here I am feeling like I am behind the eight ball. While it is only the end of the third week of school for us, I still feel so guilty for not being there teaching my children all the things I had planned for the week.

But as I have slowly come to realize, Sarah still practiced her math facts, Nathaniel still read, GW plugged along learning to read. Learning to trust my children's early dedication to their own education is obviously an issue I need to deal with, quickly.

Well, for today ... I need to sign off ... but before I go just remember it isn't about "schooling" it is all about helping them to love to learn!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

in the Beginning ...

In the Beginning ... there was a young woman with a little girl called Pig-rami. She knew a man with character, honor, and Christian beliefs ~ she knew he could help her raise this little girl right. So, she set out one day on a mission to find out if this man would perhaps like to help her raise this little girl.

Unbeknown to her ... this man had loved her for a very long time! He just didn't know if she would love him and not break his heart again. Being very bold, bold like she had never been before, this young woman walked right up and planted a kiss and a big warm hug on this man. And to her pleasant surprise, he kissed her back and wrapped her in the warmest bear hug she had ever had. And thus begins the tale of Rooster and the Sandyhills Momma ...

One day Rooster's son came to live with them, and then his daughter, too. They were a very happy family, but something was still missing. They being silly people just didn't realize what all was missing. Over time the Lord blessed them with what was missing. A beautiful son called Bubba, a beautiful daughter called Smiley, a beautiful son called Wolfie, a beautiful son called Angel Bubba- God had other plans for Angel Bubba, so He took him back to heaven to wait on his family there after 10 glorious days with them, a beautiful little girl called Baby, and finally along came a grandson called Hisser that really needed a new home, so they adopted him. And that is how their little family grew and grew and grew ...

Shew ... I'm tired now ... hehehe ...

So, it hasn't been all roses and fairy tale kisses ... it has been hard work, tears, sweat, feast & famine ... just like any other family, but there surely is lots of laughter, hugs, kisses, smiles and joy. BUT ... I would not trade one second of our time together. We have been together for nearly 16 wonderful years.

I started this blog this morning to journal the homeschooling lives of our children. And bits and pieces of our family's daily lives on our little farm, too.

In our homeschool, we attack learning from a rather mixed view. We are a little Charlotte Mason, a little classical, a little hands-on un-schooler, and a bit unit-studies.

So, as I prepare for next weeks lessons ... I drag out CIMT math, Singapore Math, HOAC Lapbooks on Polar Habitats, Penguins, and American Revolution, oop History tomes that transport my children back to yesteryear, copywork to remind them of great lessons of our forefathers, grammar so they don't talk like their redneck momma (oh, I am so giggling here), I work on some lessons of citizenship to satisfy the great state of Texas, word lists for Spelling Time, and so on ... all neatly packed into a very fun, loud, rowdy morning ...

And so begins our blogging journey through the Sandyhills of West Texas!