Monday, May 05, 2008

Finals Are Over and Rats Run to Play!!!

FINALLY - finals are OVER for the semester. This semester has really STUNK!!

And NOW it is time to PLAY!!!

We have had so much go on, that it was REALLY hard to focus on the semester. With Rooster's mom passing, Rooster changing jobs, and Rooster traveling back and forth from here to Oklahoma, to Sugarland, to Denver - and back around again, well it was really hard to focus and get everything done. AT LEAST I made a "B" in Algebra!!! WOOHOOO I AM DONE WITH MATH!!!

Shhhh don't tell me little homeschoolers that though ... they think they are supposed to LOVE all subjects!!!

Well, anyway ... since we had NO ELECTRICTY - TXU blew a fuse - GRRRRR TXU!!! I went to Starbucks to take another final, while Rooster and our munchkins went to the park to play.

Missy Smiley sitting upon a tenacle of a purple desert octopus.

Mr. Hiss sitting upon another tenacle ...

The little "Lamb-a-kins" on her tenacle ...

And here is are my little indians perched up a "cactus" looking out over the "prairie" at Prairie Dog Pete's park. The clouds may look ominous, but it really was a BEAUTIFUL day ... it was cool but not too cool to run around in shorts and capri's!

Well, I made a "B" on that final, but honestly WHOOOO CARES!!! It's Economics and well, to be honest