Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Moment for ‘Baby Grace’

As a mother that has the distinct pleasure (NOT) of dealing with the death of a precious baby, that was wanted – so loved, by one and all – so missed, nearly 6 years later by one and all. I sat reading this article at MSNBC 'Baby Grace' I started shaking and was so sick to my stomach; I thought I was going to lose my breakfast. HOW, could any woman that has given birth to a precious child hurt them? I have yelled at mine and felt like the wicked witch of the west and lets don't even go down the road of how I feel when I HAVE to punish one of them. It goes beyond my capacity to reason. Why in the name of all that is pure and good would you bring a child into this world, and then tag team beat to death, drown, and throw a precious 2 year old baby girl?? That makes zero sense to me. Of course this brings me to why I blogged this today instead of yesterday ... yesterday, I would have told you all that I believe that they need to be tortured to death. Oh, wait ... my feelings haven't changed. My bad, friends, I haven't moved past that precious little blonde framed face ... it may take me a few more moments to forgive this mother for being ... gosh ... words fail me ... what do you call her? It cannot be "mother", because other than the fact that she bore the child, she obviously doesn't have a maternal instinct one in her body. It cannot be animal, because even animals only eat the young that will not survive and at that the mother does take pity on the poor critter and does not torture it. I don't see where this woman had an ounce of pity for her child. And sitting here looking at the picture of this precious baby – looks to me she was surviving just fine. So, maybe MONSTER is fitting ...

Moving on ... before I start to scream ...

I started a note here ... and it grew and grew ... all about the woman that was sterilized because children pollute the earth ... and then as my rant went on and on ... I realized that I was giving her the "fame" that she was seeking ... so instead ... I am going to insert a picture right here of my precious crew ... and say this ... IF having children is selfish ... then I will GLADLY be selfish!! All nine of our children are quite worth that label!!

There they are ... the snowman crew ... LOL, Miss Smiley has her nose in a twist, and the Georgia Peach Baby Girl ... WHO KNOWS what she was doing at that moment...

Pretty cool snowman if I do say so myself... yes sir, he surely is.

Well, it is that time ... time for me to close and move on to the laundry list of chores I have this morning. I've already done my kitchen blessing this morning, I've blogged my little rant or rave or tirade or whatever you want to call it, and now it is time to get children busy with lessons and momma busy with lessons ... it's 7am and daylight is burning ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Furry Classmates

Today's post from Alpha Omega gave me pause; it was like someone had read my mind.
"A righteous man regards the life of his animal." (Proverbs 12:10a) I know that my precious animals are well loved and cared for, by all - our children and me and the dear Rooster. We ensure that they receive the best quality of foods, supplements, shots, shelter, etc. BUT what about the daily grooming, exercise and just cuddles that they miss out on when it is cold, wet, and relentless outside? I will be perfectly honest ... I avoid the animals when it is cold. Yes, they are fed and watered twice a day. But, they don't get momma love, like I know they need. I know once the barn is finished, that there will be some things handled differently, but until that time – I need to do better for my precious animals. Miss Smiley went out and brushed Bubba da' Steer last week, her heart is very heavy. I know she loves her Maine-Anjou baby so much, but he unfortunately is scheduled for the table in 2008. Wolf and Lanky Big Bubba were helping me take the dogs ... the GIRLS for a walk every day, but there again, since that north wind has hit they have been as lax as their momma!

This weekend it happened to snow under the mesquites ... so much so that my precious little kidlets coaxed me ... the queen of the indoors out into the snowy world to build a snowman!! Yes, ladies and gentleman ... you heard it here first. I helped my children build a SNOWMAN! And I must admit, he was a quite handsome critter. And of course our precious Harley had a fit the entire time we were building Mr. Frosty. I know my precious furry buddy gets plenty of exercise, but I know he misses me so much when it is cold. Not very often will you find me out meandering around in the cold, I could whine and say it is because my joints hurt, but honestly it is because I just do not like to be out in the cold. Joints hurting aside ... I no likey the cold. I know he is frustrated with me cold, hurting joints and all ... the last two nights he has jumped up to the living room window, peering in, barking and whining at me. I told the children last night, before next winter ALL of the dogs will be house broke, kennel broke, and will live indoors next year. This is INSANE, I can't stand it. The only reason that I don't let them in now, is that Harley and Angel need a bath and neither of them are good bathers ... that is a CIRCUS!! Picture Tom Hanks in Turner and Hooch – Tom Hanks was outside with the pool brush scrubbing the dog. Now, picture me with three BC's on leashes, with shampoo, water sprayer, scrubbing two long haired and one short haired fur babies, while they try to eat the shampoo, the spray of water and give me kisses at the same time. Yeah, Tom Hanks had it easy with Hooch. Where is that pool brush!!!!

Mr. Rooster and I went to register for school yesterday, I am taking the dreaded evil math class this semester ... and he is finishing up the very tippy last bits of his gen. ed. requirements for his Bachelor's degree at TAMU! I am not mentioning what a stink I started yesterday while I was at the school either ... that one is just going to have sit and stew with you all for a bit. Just know this, IF you treat my precious Rooster unfairly, I do get my dander up a bit, and I will find away to FIX what YOU have done to him. BUWHAHAHAHAHA! I mentioned to him last night, while we were snuggling in the dark, "Have you realized that you are going to 'do it' yet?" And my precious Rooster, still obviously in awe of the fact that he has a brain rattling around up there between his ears, said he still did not believe that it was going to happen – yes dear readers he is 17 hours away from a Bachelor's degree at TAMU and he still doesn't believe. The man is down to one light semester at OC, and one regular semester at A&M and he is DONE!! ((Oh, and can I just take a moment, bowing my head for a moment of silence for all of my dear readers that are T-sippers ... I am sooo sorry that you got Gigged this weekend!! NOT!!! AND I am quite happy to see Coach Fran go bye-bye!! I do believe the Code of Honor should be upheld not only by the students, but by the staff and faculty as well!!)) Okay ... so maybe it still seems to be a "fairy-tale" to him, but I am here to tell you one and all, my precious Rooster is getting not only that Bachelor's degree, but he is prepping for the move right into the Master's degree. Maybe it will soak in when he walks across the stage ... the money is already being squirreled away - dollars, nickels, and dimes - for that graduation ring. Some small symbol, so that he never forgets what a wonderful thing he has done not only for himself, but for his entire family.

Well, I best be moving along this morning ... it is 6:35 am here under the mesquites. I have a laundry list of things to get done this week.

  • Finish typing Rooster's essay questions – due Saturday
  • Finish typing Rooster's discussion questions – due Tomorrow
  • Proof his proposal for him – due next week.
  • Take my history test – due Friday
  • STUDY for my Anatomy final – SCREAM of HORROR!!
  • Finish crocheting a knick knack for my Secret Santa person and for another friend
  • Work on my baby afghan – sigh ... I so wanted that finished by now ... it is SOOO pretty and sooo soft!! Little baby is here, and I feel bad that I haven't gotten it to his momma yet.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Yes, my dear friends .. this is Thanksgiving at the Sandy Hills ... hehehe!! I couldn't believe it. This happened about seven years ago, the snow was so high that Roo couldn't drive to work. The snow was ABOVE the bumper on our 1/2 ton truck.
Of course the little SandyHills Childrens HAD to go build a snowman. And of course living deep in the heart of oil country, we had to have a Schlumberger Snow Dude.