Thursday, May 14, 2009

Park Ranger WolfMan

WolfMan, you are absolutely amazing to me ... As a child, I couldn't keep my hands off of God's animals ... you really are even more Dr. Doolittle-ish than I was. If you find a hurt animal, you take it to safety ... like you did for "Lucy" the Scissortail Flycatcher today.

You gently checked her wings ...
and then, you

let her quickly know that you were going to take good care of her.

I love you so much, your gently ways with the animals ... you love for all God's creatures ... even that mean old rattler that you tried to gently shoo away,
that you ended up killing because it just wouldn't leave you and your brother alone ... and that is what makes you my official park ranger ... I know now why you weren't upset when you lost your BB Gun ... you take no joy in sport shooting.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Three years ago, I took this picture of my little lovey's for Mother's Day.

It is hard to believe how much they have grown.

I'm a sick, sick woman ... I think I actually miss changing diapers ... SIGH!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

National Day of Prayer

On Thursday, May 7, our nation will observe the fifty-eighth annual National Day of Prayer. This year's theme is Prayer...America's Hope, based on Psalm 33:22, which says, "May Your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in You."

While I find it sad that we have to have a "National Day of Prayer", I do have to say that I appreciate the fact that at least our government will recognize prayer. Everyday that little saying things are going to Hell in a handbasket rings loudly in my ears as I read the news. I'm thinking right now that handbasket is getting a touch full with all of the ensuing insanity. From babies being slung from cars going down the interstate, to public official flagrantly lying about their adulterous behaviors ... what has this country, this country that so many honorable men and women have fought for - fought and died for become.

My prayer for this National Day of Prayer will focus on the hope that the citizen's of America will turn to face God, get down on their knees repent and pray for His forgiveness, grace and blessings. Otherwise what exactly do American's have to look forward to ...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Park Post ... Part Zwie

Once we finished up at UTPB Stonehenge, we moved over to the duck pond area ...

The UTPB Ground Crew does a great job of keeping this lush green park area just gorgeous!

So, while the little girls went to check out the wall paper in the bathroom ... the boys found a tree to climb. And they loved it of course ... they love to get in the tree. And can't wait for Mr. Rooster to build their treehouse. (More later on that project!) And while they were up that tree, they found all kinds of flora and fauna to check out from their perch in this massive Oak tree.

Ring-a-ling-a-ding-ling ...

You know how we all choose that “just” right ring tone to play on our phones when a certain special person in our lives calls us.

I have Darius Rucker’s “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” on mine for when my kids call me, because I realize it won’t be like this for long. So, I better answer them every time they call me. Then, when my Rooster-lovey calls me, well, “our” song plays - George Straits, “I Cross My Heart”. Or when Tatia calls, “Chicken Fry” by Zach Brown plays cause well … that’s my kid’s favorite song.

Of course the kid’s chose Alan Jackson’s “Small Town Southern Man” for their Poppa. And for their mother – they chose “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson … okay so I don’t like champagne or beer … but I know what they are saying – Momma keeps it real! That’s what happens when you raise your kids barefoot … hahahaha

And then there are those songs that come on and remind you of what you wished someone felt about you …

And then there are those songs that come on and reminds you of what you know someone truly feels about you each and every time you look into his eyes. So, my sweet Rooster-lovey, here is the song I hear, every time I look into your gorgeous hazel bedroom eyes…

Just One Woman … by Tracy Byrd

When Roy was a young man his friends used to tell all about
The girls they ran with and he’d just shake his head
And they’d get to laughing and asking
Well, Roy just how many girls you loving on these days
And he’d turn three shakes of red
But if you ask him now he’ll tell you
Boy, this old man’s been around
And I ain’t one to brag but you’d be hard pressed
To find too many other men around this here town
That’s loved the way I have

Just one woman
One amazing, worth the waiting
Angel from above
Just one woman is all I’ve ever loved

Well, I asked him once, Roy, don’t you think by now
She’d have wanted you to move on
He said, no, not yet
Cause once a man’s stared into the eyes
Of the most beautiful woman God ever made
Well, that’s something an old man don’t forget
But boy, don’t you worry about me none
My time here’s nearly done and I know when I’m gone
These old bones are gonna fly and I’ll be reaching for the sky
And I’ll be holding on

Just one woman
One amazing, worth the waiting
Angel from above
Just one woman
Is all I’ve ever loved

Just one woman
One amazing, worth the waiting
Angel from above
Just one woman
It’s all I’ve ever loved
She’s all I’ll ever love.

Yep, … that’s what you make my heart feel like … and while I KNOW your time isn’t anywhere near come, I understand … I really and truly understand what you told me this weekend … and I love you … just one man … you’re all I’ve ever loved … you’re all I ever will love!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Park Day ... Part Eins

While Mr. Rooster was in Evanston Wy- Oh My Goodness IT IS GORGEOUS -ming, I took the Wild Bunch-Zoo Crew on the requisite trip to park for pictures and for fun. I mean gee this trip that Mr. Rooster took was so hard on the kidlets that Savannah literally made herself sick.

So here they are ... The morning of April 22nd ... all smiling and having fun at the UTPB Stonehenge replica. We love to take photos out there ... it is really just uber cool to have a bit of British history, replicated here in Texas, especially here in town.

My girls are so darn cute in pigtails!

LOL, See how sweet they all look here .... look at the first pose though ...

Sarah ... don't choke Jon~~~

Tune in tomorrow at the same bat place, at the same bat time ...

for the further park adventures of the Zoo Crew - Wild Bunch ...

Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm BAD ..

Last week was ... well, YUCK ... nothing went right ... blogging was a go, no go situation ... LOL, can you tell I have been doing a K.T. Analysis ... well, probably not, but hey ya' learned something new today. Roo does K.T. Analysis at work and for his master's program. I do K.T. Analysis while consulting and while trying to maintain a normal level of life around this crazy house.

So, let's see ... to tantilize my edge of the seat readers, I have PICTURES of the zoo crew. AND, soon I will have an AWESOME giftie picture to share with you that Roo let me buy for myself. I was reading another homeschool mom's blog. She lost one of her precious little boys this last year, and her simply awesome siblings bought a locket for her birthday with his picture in it. So, I went on a major internet surfing expedition to find said locket where I could show Rooster. Hehehe ... the man so has my heart ... he loved it as much as I did and told me to order me one!

Hmmm ... well, let's see what can I plop in here to make ya' happy ...

Oh, I know ... how about some smiling faces ....

Here are my Easter Sunday smilling faces ... the Wild Bunch went out and chased down the Easter bunny, beat him up, and forced him to hand over his eggs.