Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grace of God ...

Grace ... as I understand it is "the undeserved gift of divine favor in the justification and then sanctification of sinners (from the Greek term charis)." God has given me many undeserved gifts, and has left how I use them or care for them up to me.

This morning, I blew it ... my dear Rooster (undeserved gift number 2 - my salvation being number 1) got up in a bit of a tizzy at 3:30 am because it was his first day back to work, after a long weekend off. I had not picked up from the laundry the starched jeans that he wanted, and I didn't have washed the particular shirts that he wanted to wear ... tough you say ... well, maybe, but more likely not. I know ... I can hear you all ... he's a grown man, he can take care of himself. But I tell you, I blew it ... because I did not anticipate my Rooster's needs. He takes care of me, he works UN-Godly hours - sometimes in excess of 90 hours, and not much less than 70 hour weeks, and affords me all the little niceties that this homeschooling mom of 5 thinks she needs ... to include this laptop that I am click, click, clicking on while I sit here all comfy in my chair. So, there we go ... me pouting - him fuming ... and then, I hear it ... the noise that sends chills up a mother's back. The sound of one of her babe's hurling their little guts all over the place ....

My precious G. Wolfie (undeserved gift #6), was leaning over the tub - the TOY tub that is ... hurling his guts all over every stuffed animal his precious sister, Baby Girl Peach (undeserved gift #8), loves to play with. **BIG SIGH** So, what do I do ... no ... I didn't handle that gift very well either ... instead comforting my hurling boy ... after I brusquely hurry him off to the bathroom to finish ... I growl unceremoniously at my husband about having to clean up that mess, too! So, needless to say ... by 4:30 am - I had very effectively wounded two very important people in my life.

The day did get better ... and I did apologize to both of them for being an evil wretched wench ... and both of them forgave me. One with hugs and kisses - and a promise that he preferred for me to spend his last day off with him instead of the washer or a trip to the laundry - and the other one came and gave me a big ole' kiss (yeah I'll probably be sick too - but hey, it is what I deserved after being so tacky to him - poor baby). So, as my day was getting better, and I was becoming human and less evil, I began to reflect on my morning ... and in turn that made me think of my precious gifts from God .... and that led to me thinking about the most precious gift of all from God ... my Salvation. Do I care for my Salvation the way that I cared for my other gifts from God??? ... WOW ... what an eye opener!! Most days I 'try' to care for my Salvation in the way that I know I should, but then there are the evil wretched wench days ... the days that I don't even LOOK at my Bible, pray - pray for what days, the days where I am so miserable that ... **PING** - light bulb moment ... the days that I shun God ... so that His grace can't shine down through my obviously lead umbrella. So, I thought about it ... what was the first thing I went to do yesterday morning ... ah, yes ... headed to the alter of the coffee pot ... instead of taking an extra second to lay there in my bed next to my awfully cuddly Rooster to talk to God about my day, I jumped up like my hair was on fire, ran to the coffee pot and started the day. Tsk, tsk, tsk ... needless to say, I am going to have to rethink my mornings ....

Now, don't get me wrong ... I do not worship my coffee ... coffee is just essential to make my body run.

My point is ... that "I" personally need to spend an extra few moments in my bed, in the quiet, talking with God before I rush out into the morning. And I need to remember this each and every day ...
"there but for the grace of God go I"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tiny T-rex Arms ...

Each morning I gather my little chicks together ... we sit together at the table or at various points in our living area ... me cuddling my coffee mug, my girls - Smiley and Baby Girl Peach sitting in the swivel chair ... the boys - the near twins - G. Wolfie and Sir Hiss-a-lot sitting on the recliner and Big Lanky Bubba leaning up against the wall or door (looking like he is waiting to BOLT!!) So, today Rooster-love came in just as we started our morning "staff" meeting. As I started down the list of chores that we needed to accomplish, I hear a growl. Trying to keep my composure, I continue talking to Big Lanky Bubba about the particular extras that need to be done because he uhm, well, glossed over them yesterday. **SIGH** Then, I move on to Smiley ... 'and when you are vacuuming the bedroom, Peach will be your pick-up buddy' **GROWL** -- I turn to see my precious little Peach slashing the air and growling, not at me mind you ... at Rooster, because he has his little t-rex arms up slashing and growling at her. Needless to say it took me forever to get through the morning staff meeting - between bouts of growls, and tiny t-rex arms -- which by the way is HILARIOUS on a 6 foot plus Texas sized cowboy!

So, now here it is 9:30 most of our chores are either done, or well under way. I have little happy faces sitting around me at the table as I blog ... eating their oatmeal and toast. Lanky Bubba has lost his bolt look - hehhehe ... the best thing for him ever morning is his first morning run out to the pens ... he doesn't get that look because he wants to run from me, it is pure - he loves his animals. G. Wolfie is swaying to the soft music playing on the radio, happily eating his second or third bowl of oatmeal ... you know you lose count after a bit. Peach has jelly smeared from ear to ear, and is laughing and eating with her brothers. Hisser is quietly eating his oatmeal, stirring, taking a bite, stirring, swirling ... bless his heart it takes him forever to eat a bowl of cereal. I have to keep after him though, there can be no skimping on his part. And Miss Smiley ... little momma, she makes sure that all her brothers and her sister has enough to eat. She is such a blessing to me ... she has oatmeal down cold. I think she is going to be a great cook. Her cream gravy isn't too shabby, either.

Well, enough from me today ... I need to get along with my work. I am working on a co-op lapbook Blackbeard and Pirates - units from Hands of a Child. We are reading American History about the colonies from "A First Book in American History", "Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans"and "American History Stories Volumes I & II". And I think I am going to have Lanky Bubba start working on the Multiplication Pizza Party Lapbook from Hands of a Child today too. He is doing so well changing over from addition/subtraction to multiplication/division. I love that boys mathematical mind ... it amazes me. Heheheh obviously this is from a woman that has to have a calculator, and software to balance her checkbook.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Being Thankful

You realize occasionally in life, that it is NEVER to late to start counting your blessings. There are days that life jumps up and does a spinning, flying back kick at your nose ... and hits it dead on. This weekend is one of those times. Our local country station, that we listen to frequently, is supporting the St. Jude's telethon.

First, let me say that listening is hard enough. Adding to that the fact that we have eight healthy, walking, talking children and one heavenly angel. Well, let's say that just pretty much pushes it over the top for this mom. And then, my beloved came home yesterday, fell into my arms and sobbed ... well, that was just too much for me. So, here I have sat with five of my bevy of busy bees buzz buzz buzzing around me today. In and out of my lap, under the dining table where I am working using my feet for ramps to jump their cars off and over. I have counted my blessings over and over this morning. And I still come back to the fact that I am so unworthy of these precious gifts from God. While my children are far from perfect, they CANNOT walk on water, but they are mine, and they are awesome sights to behold.

Shew ... too teary eyed ... LOL!!

Well, today is wash day for mom ... we have a system worked out, finally that looks to be working. Or at least it has for the last three weeks. Now, at any moment it could fall apart, but for now we are having less stress in the laundry department. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are boy wash days - three boys hence three boy wash days (Thank you God for five work days in a week! No arguments over who washes when!!) Then, we have the girls wash days on Tuesday and Thursday. As it works out, usually the girls wash on Tuesday and are done until next Tuesday unless they "want" something extra washed. Sarah strikes yet again ... she keeps their laundry washed! Now, Nathaniel and GW are a little slower about it, but they are figuring out a system ... it usually works out to Monday=dark, Wednesday=reds, and Friday=lights. I bleach whites on Saturday, and do mine and Rooster's laundry on Saturday or Sunday after church IF I am lazy on Saturday. Which today ... for some strange reason, I have washed, dried, hung, folded and put away 4 loads ... so nanner nannner nannnner I don't have laundry to do tomorrow!! YIPPEEEEEE!!! Now, I just have to wrangle those kids back in the house to fold their socks and unders. Today for the record is the first BEAUTIFUL day we have had in a bit ... it has been colder than I care for!! Obviously there are MANY reasons I live in warm West Texas ... and lack of cold is pretty close to the TOP!!!

until we chat again ...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day with my Family!!

oh, what a DAY!!! We left La Granja de Jordania around 7am ... that translates for those of you that don't know my crew ... of me rising at 5am ... poking the Rooster with one hand for about 15 to 20 minutes with a hot cup of coffee in the other hand, and then going to drag 5 sleepy children out of the bed where they can have their 'wake-up' showers ... well, let me back track on that. I drug three boys out of the bed where they could have their showers ... the girls ... well, Sarah bounces out of the bed and is dressed at about Mach 10 and Savannah the baby T-Rex she snuggles in her Poppie's spot until it is time to walk out the door. LOL, I LOVE brushing her hair in the truck ... that's FUN!! <>

So, anywho ... we have a day in town starting with our beloved Poppie getting his feathers trimmed. He looks so pretty once his barber is done. I love his silver hair! Then, we took the babies out for pancakes at I-Hop. Geesh is it me being cynical or has their quality of food gone down?? Oh, well, my children enjoyed it, I got breakfast out, and was able to sit and drink coffee with Poppie and had a good time. After breakfast he took us over to Cavendar's ... it was time to outfit some feet and Wrangler bottoms!! Oh, and Mommy found a too cute skirt too!!! Couldn't believe it ... finally found a LONG straight skirt - plain jane denim to boot!! So, we purchased everyone two pairs of Wranglers to cover growing legs - boy was that fun ... Nathaniel went up TWO sizes ... how in the world he was fitting into those jeans I will NEVER know!!! G.W. is going to be a cowboy heart breaker when he grows up, Rooster put a chocolate Stetson on him and I nearly fell over. Too GORGEOUS for words! LOL, I wish I had my camera with me for this outing. Of, course my little bonnie lasses did not look shabby in the red felt Stetson that he put on them either. Now, Poppie thinks they need horses ... hehehe ... he is such a sucker for these GIRLS!!! Shhhh ... don't tell anybody but I am a sucker for my boys too!!! I wonder how those kids have kept from being totally spoilt stinking rotten!!!! LOL, we left Cavendar's for a sashay through Wood's to pick up Poppie Rooster a new pair of steel-toes to wear at the office and happened up on him a quite gorgeous camel and black denim shirt. I'll have to have pictures of that one!! Next we dashed into Dillard's ... Poppie bought me a new flavor of perfume for Valentine's Day ... Valentino's Rock n Rose .. it smells SOOOO GOOD!!! I knew I was needing a new flavor ... my Obsession was turning rather stinky on me!! YUCK ... but now according to GW and Rooster ... I smell good again!! LOL, all is right in our world again ...