Monday, April 28, 2008

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies Everywhere

Puppies, puppies, puppies ...

sweet little black and white puppies ...

puppy kisses on your nose, puppies chewing on toes ...

puppies, puppies, puppies as far as my eye can see ...

Introducing Callie's Girls ...

This little sweetheart is the Sarah-special. She is already chasing big daddy - Harley - from one end of the yard to the other. And when he sleeps in the house, she sleeps with him! I lovingly call her "Missy" or "little Miss". She has longer fluffy hair, like Harley, but is patterned like her mother Callie.

oh, Sarah sayd she is Peek-a-boo-baby-boo! today!

I have a sneaking suspicion that she is going to turn out to be just like her mother and her father - full bodied and VERY strong. But with the great personality that the both have also.

This little doll hangs around with Savannah. We nicknamed her "Rosebud", there is just something very quiet and gentle about her. She is out of Callie's litter and she is short haired like her mother. However, she is more "slight" in build than Callie or Harley. She loves to be held and loved on, but she also loves to be
down running around chasing after her litter mates. As you can see, she has some very interesting patterns - white toes on the right foot and a solid white leg on the left side, not to mention the white tip-tip of her tail!!!

This little angel is one of my blue-eyed treats ... the right eye - on the white side of her face - is very pale blue. She is showing promise of being a great replacement for one of our other dogs. She is very good tempered.

And finally, we have the one the one I call Pandy - because the white streak down her face reminds me of a panda bears face! She has GREEN/hazel eyes!! That are absolutely GORGEOUS. She is very sweet and gentle!

It would be a tough call for me to say which one my dear, dear Sister Sue should choose. So, I'm leaving it up to her ... hahaha!!

Maybe tomorrow I will get brave, and try to take pictures of the other nine puppies! SIGH ... might have to wait until I finish my government research paper!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

F150 + F350 = CRASH!!!

What do you get when you add a F150 to the rear end of an F350?

You get a CRASH!!

Let me transport ya'll back in time to Friday, the 13th 4th of April in the early evening.

Miss Smiley calls her Poppa and asks him oh so sweetly if we can take Strong Bubba Bear and the Princess Baby Bop out for their birthdays.

Of course being the most perfect Poppa Rooster of all time, he immediately agrees and tells us he will take us to the Hog Pit. The Hog Pit is a bar and grill that has the absolutely best bar-b-que'd ribs in the world. Hands down … a toothless baby could eat the meat off those ribs!!! Not that I would EVER feed a poor baby FOOD!! ((Shaking head vehemently!!!)) Okay okay back to the story …

So, my dear Rooster love comes to the house and picks up his happy family.

We traveled down the road to the Hog Pit …

And while we were there we noshed on Texas toothpicks – fried onion sticks and friend jalapeno strips, brisket, ribs, grilled chicken, mashed 'taters, green beans, and oh so good sweet tea! Oh, and Roo and I had "house salads" – house describes it quite well – that salad has everything in it that you would find in the house, and it is as big as a HOUSE!!!

I gladly handed over $128. Knowing that I wouldn't have to cook for the rest of the weekend – yes, we intentionally purchased way too much meat so we could have MEGA leftovers.

We climbed happily back into the "brown puppy" as our children lovingly call Rooster-loves new (to him) pick-up. We started down the road, cruising along in true Rooster fashion – ya'll know what a speed demon he is (HUGE EYEROLL) – yeah you know it barely cruising along at 55 on the service road.

We pull off the 1788 service road and approach the intersection. In true Super Safety-Dude form, my dear Rooster looks left, right and then left again. He shifts and moves into the intersection under a GREEN light. Notice I said GREEN! Green as in grass green or maybe green like this green snake. And my dear Super Safety-Dude Rooster looks left once again as we cross the right lane and to his horror there is a pickup bearing down on his door and Bubba Strong Bear's door. My quick thinking – whether he be on his feet or in this case on his butt shifting gears – Rooster-love quickly shifted gears, jammed his foot through the floor board and jumped the brown puppy from the middle of the left lane to just nearly out of the way this other STUPID fast-moving F150 pick-up. This guy never hit the brakes, he just plowed into us! Now, I am a really happy woman – I'm now wearing tea soaked pants/shirt sitting in a tea soaked seat spinning 270 degrees around in a ¾ circle. You know how time slows down to just a crawl when things like this happen … you see the horror of the situation in slow motion … I remember seeing tea literally splash on the windshield, Princess Baby Bops hands grab the arm rests of her car seat, Rooster-love with one hand on the wheel-one hand on the gear shift and feet quickly moving between clutch, brake, and accelerator, I hear Strong Bubba Bear cry-out, I hear Miss Smiley sob, I feel the truck lean sideways and then thud back to the earth on all four tires … and we finally slide to a stop going NORTH from traveling WEST!

Strong Bubba Bear hit his head on the window, banged his elbow on the door, and the seat belt reached up and bit that strong lined jaw he inherited from his Poppa Rooster. I had back spasms, and am very sore. Rooster-love's arms and wrists hurt him. Sarah has a horrid headache, but is beginning to feel better ... she whacked her head on the door frame of the pickup.

((SIGH)) and this
... is what $460.00 worth of diesel looks like when it leaks out in your front yard from a wrecked 1 ton.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

It Was Me ...

The second song on King George's new CD "Troubadour" is definitely our love story ...

It Was Me
The first time I met her
She walked right up to me
And said, "You're who I wanted to find."
There was a man she had seen in her dreams
And it was me
She said, "I can't believe it."
'Cause I've never been in here.
And I've passed this place so many times."
It was her night to find destiny
And it was me.

And we danced every song that they played
And talked until closing time
The closer I held her
The more I knew her destiny
Wasn't that far from mine.
Then I saw a reflection of someone unfamiliar
Looking back when I looked in her eyes
The happiest man I'd ever seen
And it was me.
And we danced every song that they played
And talked until closing time
The closer I held her
The more I knew her destiny
Wasn't that far from mine.
She wasn't looking
And I wasn't looking
Ain't it funny?
That's when love was found
She still calls it her lucky night
Yeah, someone was lucky
She's right
But it was me.
Written by: Buddy Cannon and Randy Hardison
Ah, but my Rooster-love it was truly me that was lucky that night. I danced right into your arms and knew immediately that was the place for me. There in your safe strong arms is where I wanted to be for the rest of my life. We went through it all getting there ... but have made it for nearly 16 years. Loving ... laughing ... finishing each other's sentences ... making each other coffee ... and taking the time to take care of even the little things. I love you so much ... you have given me so much.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Love to my favorite Troubadour

I purchased the new George Strait CD today. I brought it home and took it for a test drive (after kicking small children out of the house) … funny but this CD is just nearly written for me and my love. The first song on the CD, Troubadour, sounds so much like Roo. Well, except for the part about the honky-tonks and pretty women … the only pretty women he runs with now days are our beautiful little girls. And that honky-tonk time is long over … we spend our evenings at home with the school books!! Ah, but he definitely is a troubadour – he is a writer and singer of love songs, and while he doesn’t stroll around – he dances me all over the kitchen, living room and front yard singing to me!!


I still feel twenty-five
Most of the time
I still raise a little cane
With the boys
Honky-tonks and pretty women
Lord, I’m still right there with ‘em
Singin’ above the crowd and the noise

Sometimes I feel like Jesse James
Still trying to make a name
Knowing nothing’s gonna change
What I am

I was a young troubadour
When I rode in on a song
And I’ll be an old troubadour
When I’m gone
Well the truth about a mirror
Is that a damned old mirror
Don’t really tell the whole truth
It don’t show what’s deep inside
Or read between the lines
And it’s really no reflection of my youth

Sometimes I feel like Jesse James
Still trying to make a name
Knowing nothing’s gonna change
What I am

I was a young troubadour
When I rode in on a song
And I’ll be an old troubadour
When I’m gone
I’ll be an old troubadour
When I’m gone

Written by Monty Holmes and Leslie Satcher

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oh, I am SOOO Embarassed!!

Okay, first let me say this ... I truly believe there are some smart blondes in this world. My sister - which is now a red head thanks to our hair magician - used to be one of them. My sister is one of those students that never had to crack a book, she can whip a calculus problem with one hand tied behind her back, blindfolded, while hanging upside down from a 40 ft. crane! And we won't even discuss her science skills ... can we just say DOCTOR material and leave it at that.

As I watched this video ... I laughed until I just nearly well ... lost control of myself. IF this is an indication of the education level of some, we truly need to check some diplomas!!!!