Monday, December 22, 2008

The 3's About Me!

This is something that my daughter sent me. I thought you might enjoy reading myanswers whether you comment or not. So without out further ado ... here are the 3's About Me!

Three Names I go by: 1. Momma - Rooster and the kids ... LOL!! 2. Jessica - my friends and some of my family and a few co-workers, 3. Jae - family that has known me since I was yeah high to a grasshopper's knee.

Three Jobs I have had in my life: 1. Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Scienc and Engineering - UTPB, 2. Special Assignment - QHSE Schlumberger, 3. Housewife.

Places I have lived 1. Odessa, Texas 2. Midland, Texas, and 3. Missouri City, Texas.

Three TV Shows that I watch: 1. NCIS, 2. House, and 3. Monk.

Three places I have been: 1. Mexico, 2. Arkansas, and 3. Memphis, Tennessee.

People that e-mail me regularly: 1. Teri, the Wild Woman, 2. Sarah, and 3. My Rooster-love.

Three of my favorite foods: 1. Rooster's grilled sausage, steaks, and chicken, 2. Charley's Bar-b-que chicken, and 3. My green chili chicken enchiladas!

Things I am looking forward to: 1. Christmas with family, 2. a trip to Wyoming, and 3. a trip to San Antonio with the kids to the ZOO!! (And a trip to San Diego to the ZOO!!!) We love zoos!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008