Friday, December 21, 2007

Smiley and Bubba da' Steer

This is Smiley's steer .. Bubba. I took these pictures where she would have them to remember him by ... Of course being a steer, he is destined for the freezer. And while I am a realist and know that we have to have the meat for food, I am also the mommy. The mommy that loves my tender hearted little girl so very much.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Obedience and Giving

I do believe Dr. Turansky and Ms Miller have my home bugged. Literally bugged ... because this is a topic that is REALLY bugging me at my home.

Parenting Tip

December 20, 2007

Obey First and Then We'll Talk About It

When parents give an instruction but children don't want to comply or it's not convenient for them, sometimes they need to learn to "obey first and then we'll talk about it." This emphasizes obedience.

If little Brian has pulled a chair over to the counter and is climbing onto it, you may say, "Brian, we don't climb on chairs."

"But I was just…"

"No, you need to get down. Obey first and then we'll talk about it." Once he gets down, discuss the problem and find a solution together.

"Karl, go get your pajamas on."

"I don't want to go to bed."

"No, obey first and then we'll talk about it."

This is a serious issue at our home, that needs to be rectified like TODAY. Now, don't get me wrong, my children are not like this when they are out in public or with family – they are perfectly obedient, kind, and giving children. It is when they are at home that things get ugly! So, ugly that I have spent DAYS in tears, my ulcers are KILLING me. I spent the day in the bed. And I hold this all in

Right now as the mom to my precious horde of children, that I LOVE dearly, I am very disillusioned. Roo and I sacrifice just nearly EVERYTHING for them ... and they are turning into the most self absorbed humans I know. And sadly, I do not know what to do for them ...

So, first, Roo and I have come to the agreement that we are not sacrificing for them. This year instead of gifts under the tree from us, they are getting from others. Roo's thought of giving them a gift card to buy Christmas with didn't go well ... they spent $200 of themselves. ((SIGH)) My children do not have an inkling of the concept of "GIVING". All they know is "GETTING"!! And I am heartbroken. I have failed them somewhere along the way, obviously.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Smiley's Fall Bouquet

Besides blogging each day, and crocheting each day, and working on my school lessons each day, and keeping up with Roo's lessons each day, and keeping up with the kids lessons each day, I am going to desperately try to keep up with another project each day. I am going to commit myself to working on a layout a day. Posting both here and at Gotta Pixel. I LOVE that site!! I swear they have the best deals on digital scrapping kits!! And their designers are simply the best!!

Yes, I am insane ... but I really want to do this for next Christmas. Photobucket has an AWESOME deal on binding your pictures into a book. So, I am going to strive to do a layout a day, upload them here, at Gotta Pixel, and at Photobucket. Then, when December rolls around next year, all I have to do is click and TA-DA ... Christmas is DONE DONE DONE!!

I love this set of pictures of Sarah. She loves cut flowers, and flower arranging so much. I have promised her a flower garden when we build the barn. I am seriously thinking that on one end of the house or possibly on one side of the house we need to have a sunroom/garden room type situation. I know she would love that just as much as I would - not to mention Roo would love it too. He is a bit of a flower hound just as I am. That man can grow the most GORGEOUS roses I have EVER seen. Not to mention leaving cut blossoms on my pillow ... hehehehe, he is a romantic at heart!!