Sunday, August 19, 2007

I COULD NOT resist this little video ... it is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Little Girl and the 23rd Psalm

I was over at Rocks In My Dryer, trying desperately to catch up on some of my favorite blog reading. School did me in this semester when it came to ME time. I absolutely abhor SUMMER semesters ... to short, fast and UGLY for this girl. I like to be able to take my time and ENJOY my class. I think that is the problem, I am not allowed the time to ENJOY the semester.

This semester I am going to try to slow down a bit ... I have several projects I want to complete for Christmas presents. My sweet sister has been begging me for a special afghan for YEARS ... now to just find the pattern!!! **SIGH** I had it at one time, that is how she saw it to begin with, and now, I have lost it!!! I found a GORGEOUS filet Peacock for my grandmother. She has this beautiful blue theme going in her room .. she loves blues, birds, flowers ... so this Peacock is going to be PERFECT for her. I have some WONDERFUL friends that I would like to make some special things for ... and I have a Secret Santa with some wondermus Crochet Girls!! That one is going to be SUPER neat - whatever we do has to fit into a Christmas card envelope!! Too Cool!!
This is my very FIRST filet project and my very FIRST thread project!! I'm pretty proud of myself!! I have always been afraid of thread, and then my Dutch Country friend talked me into TRYING it ... makes a big difference when you use a GOOD thread!!

Well, I best skeedaddle for today .... it is just 89 degrees here in the house ... and need to figure out what we are going to do for din din!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What exactly is a burden?

Lately in my life, the question of what is actually a burden keeps popping up. My precious grandparents that raised me think they are a burden. Why?? Because they may need someone to be there for them the way they have been there for me all of my life. My husband thinks buying his school books are a burden. Hmm, husband going to school - going to need school books - I seem to think I knew that!! My son that broke his great toe on his left foot thinks it is a burden to care for him. Doesn't he realize that I signed up for the long haul, 11 years ago when he was conceived??? AND when I found out that I was carrying another "Hard-way" Jordan … well, I just knew I was in for stitches and broken bones. There are some cycles in families that well, just aren't meant to be broken.

Psalm 55:22 says, "Cast your burden on the Lord, And he shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved."

I have no burdens wait, correction I TRY to have no burdens...I work at letting the Lord carry my burdens. I am practicing more and more every day to pass my worries and burdens on to Him. He will carry them on his shoulders instead of me trying to carry them on mine. It doesn't do me one bit of good to sit here and worry about WHEN the mega corp. is going to transfer my precious Rooster. I'll be old and gray before they make a move ... oh wait, I am old and gray. **SIGH** Talk about having a dowagers hump, WOW!! If I were to try to carry all of this nonsense and hubbub around on my shoulders, I wouldn't just have a dowager's hump; I would look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Some people have obviously NOT raised a G. Wolfie ... hehehe ... not mention the rest of the Wild Bunches escapades. But seriously ... what was that song, don' t worry, be happy ... where is my fruit juice and paper umbrella ... no, wait ... they have a hurricane in the Caribbean right now ... guess I better just continue to hang out here under the mesquite trees **GIGGLE** in W. Texas sipping some lemonade.

I have a lot of questions .. mostly Why's? some Why not's? But I figure those can wait until the time that I am sitting at my Lord's feet ... then, he can fill my little heart with all the answers I truly needed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well, it is official ... we have our first compound fracture ... and yes, it looks as bad as what the picture makes you THINK it looks like.

You see ... as most of my dear, dear friends know ... we live in West Texas ... with CACTUS, RATTLESNAKES, ROCKS, THORNS ... etc. etc. etc. So mean Mommy instituted the rule ... SHOES ON, when you are outside. Well, Nathaniel went to feed his animals last night, and dropped the 8lb barrel lid on his great toe of his left foot.

Bad enough that he BLEW his toe nail right off .. but he also broke his toe, which in turn ripped through the skin. We took him to the Emergency Room ... of course it WAS after 5pm **SIGH** so we had to go to MCH!! We sat there for SEVEN hours ... soaking gauze wraps and pads for hours. Nathaniel bled so much he painted the floor (yes, they made him WALK to the room - "oh, really now ... he isn't hurt THAT bad is he!!") and the bed, and the walls with his blood. YACK!! I would have hated to be the poor housekeeping person to clean that room ... especially after the PA finished setting his toe, and sewing him back up. Since the bone ripped through the skin, he is going to have to go see an Orthopedic Surgeon next Thursday - the 23rd. We have to make sure he does not get an infection in his bone marrow. They also have to check to see if he broke the growth plate in his toe - poor baby may have a stubby toe!! He has nine stitches - three in his nail bed, two on the side of his toe, and FOUR to hold the toe nail on keeping the nail fold in place and protecting the nail bed.

He is taking it all pretty well ... when my precious Rooster went to town to get his pain meds and his antibiotic, he picked him up some paints and a book to draw in. Of course that made him HERO Number 1 all over again for his son. I think today ... we will move him to the living room and let him sleep in here. Last night was not a pretty night at all ... but we survived ... well, with what little sleep we got ... we are surviving! We didn't get home until AFTER 2:30 am ... ugh!!

Until I blog again ... jess